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I would like share this first series of connectors, that can be usefull for yours. You try to use it in yours conversations and practice.

Writing 1 (W1) To Give an Opinion  (Why) I believe..  I’d like to explain why..  Personally..  I’d enjoy..  I would prefer..  I think..  In my opinion..  As far as I’m concerned..  It seems to me..  I suggest..

Writing 2 (W2) To Show Cause/Reason and Effect/Result Consequently Because (of) Due to Thanks to If this occurs, then To this end Since For this reason As a result Caused by

Writing 3 (W3) To Summarize/Conclude In conclusion Finally As a result (of) In summary Therefore To sum up In other words To summarize Then In brief On the whole To conclude As we have seen As has been said

I hope that this connector can be usefull for everyone.

June 18, 2013

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