"La tenda della cucina è bianca."

Translation:The kitchen curtain is white.

June 18, 2013

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Shouldn't it also accept 'The kitchen tent is white'? 'Tenda' translates to tent and a kitchen tent does exist because I have been in one. It's a tent with tables, stoves, pots pans and food and funnily enough it is also white.


In order for "kitchen tent" to work, the italian sentence should have been "La tenda-cucina" or "La tenda adibita a cucina". "La tenda della cucina" clearly states that we are talking about the curtain OF the kitchen, it can't be the tent OF the kitchen.


Theoretically, it could be - I have a mental picture of a tent set up inside a kitchen. Curtain is a little bit more likely though :^{]}


I said "kitchen tent" too. I pictured a camp of some kind.

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White curtains in a kitchen ... tsk, they're going to get dirty really quickly.


They are going to get dirty, if not catching fire. :P


Red curtains can catch fire as well... Or did I not get the joke :P


Is it not more normal to refer to curtains in plural? Is this sentence a typical way to talk about curtains in italian?


Curtains are almost always plural in English, I would have thought?!


I can think of one popular use in the singular - the stage curtain - "bring the curtain down". But you are right, mostly they are in the plural.


I'm italian
What you say is new to me, so I thank you for that, maybe you have to report.
But in italian you can use both the plural and the singular.
No italian native speaker would say "le tende della cucina sono bianche" if there is only one curtain in the kitchen


It’s true. When I hear “curtain” I think of the big curtain on a stage.


But if the window in the kitchen is small enough, it might only have the one curtain, rather than a pair ;)


True, but idiomatically you would still say curtains


Why not " The curtains of the kitchen are white"?


"The curtain of the kitchen is white" is accepted


Tenda is tent?


I said curtains, plural, and it marked me wrong, but I never say curtain, singular. Is that just me?


Although in English we would rarely refer to curtains in the singular, the verb in the sentence is "è" therefore clearly indicating the subject is singular. It's obviously how Duolingo wanted you to translate it.


It's unusual to use singular in English in this context. Is it unusual in Italian as well? If so, I get the point.


Incorrect. Should be: The kitchen's curtain is white.


You are literally correct, however in English one would normally say "kitchen curtain". Usually DuoLingo is also very literal in their translations but here they are thankfully giving us the normal translation.


why "the curtain of the kitchen is white" doesnt work


I want to see what i answered.Otherwise how can I correct mistakes?


Should include curtain in the drop-down translation on the lesson. Only showed tent for me.


My drop down showed curtain, curtains and stretch. Putting "The curtains in the kitchen are white" was marked wrong, even though "in the" was among the translations of della. Can anyone explain this?


What about that outside tents which protects the interiors from direct sun light at noons ? Some people have these kind of tents for the kitchen and they call it the tent of the kitchen


What is the etymological derivation of 'tenda'?


I think it comes from “hang”. Curtains hang as well as a tent would have originally been a sheet hung over poles.


tenda = curtain tenda= tent


What is a kitchen curtain? It should be "The curtain of the kitchen is white".


Very annoyed that it didn't accept "The kitchen curtain's white" as this is also correct.


Tenda normally means tent or awning, and tendina means curtain.


Grammatically in English, it should be: The curtain of the kitchen is white.


Why only one curtain? Don't they come in pairs?


Because "kitchen" was mentioned, I translated "tenda" as "blind", which was marked as incorrect. To satisfy my curiosity, I looked for the translation of blind into Italian, but kept coming across the word "tenda". Does anyone know how one says "blind" in this context?


It depends on the type of blinds: the roller blinds are "avvolgibili" or "serrande", and "veneziane" for the Venetian style blinds, but the most common name is probably "persiane", which originally referred to the shutters. The sunblinds on a car are called "tendine parasole" however, and even in a home when the material is fabric it can make sense to refer to them as "tende".


Thank you. In short, then, you believe that Duolingo ought to have accepted blind as a translation of tenda, or perhaps not. If you do, I shall report the omission if ever I should come across this question in the future.


No, due to the potential for misunderstandings I believe the accepted answers should stick to the most common meanings, and in this context it's this: https://www.lionshome.it/accessori-tende-per-finestre/cucina/

As an example of something that is called blind in English but tenda in Italian: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/schottis-block-out-pleated-blind-dark-grey-90369507/ vs https://www.ikea.com/it/it/p/schottis-tenda-plissettata-oscurante-grigio-scuro-90369507/


Could this also not be written as "The curtain in the kitchen is white" ?


In English, one almost never uses "curtain" in the singular to refer to window hangings. A singular curtain refers to the curtain of a theater or a cover. Windows always have "curtains," even if the window's curtains are of a single piece. The answer needs to be updated.


Another bad error by DL. DL struggles a bit with English comprehension and constantly makes errors. Time for them to employ someone who speaks it properly I think.


I have just learned that tenda means tent. Later in the lesson we have La tenda della cucina e bianca; and while I have never seen a white tent in a kitchen, that is how I translated it.


Why not make it a wall "muro"


Scendere la tenda


It should be the kitchen's curtain is white


why is, The curtain from the kitchen is white. Wrong?

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