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English for Czech Speakers is now in beta!

We're excited to let you know that English for Czech speakers is now in beta! We'd like to thank the following contributors who volunteered their time to help build this course: kickup, BarboraN, koczi, slecnaKejsy, and jankadlec. A huge congrats!

Because this course just entered beta- you may encounter bugs or sentence errors along the way. Please make sure to report them, so that we can improve the course for future learners.


October 17, 2014



Hopefully this opens up a free space for a new language in the incubator?


Czech for English speakers, for example! :-D


Ah! :D It would be great if the reverse was started as quickly as the Ukrainian course! :D


Hebrew for English speakers, I so want this course :D


i am waiting for welsh ^-^


That's not really how the incubator works.


Thank you so much kickup, BarboraN, koczi, slecnaKejsy, and jankadlec! I can recall many times people posting to the forum that they were excited to learn Czech through Duolingo even before the course entered Phase 1. Likewise I'm sure there are many Czech speakers who have been waiting to learn English. Hopefully, the future will see a Czech for English speakers course as well.

And thank you Luis for the heads up :D


This is so exciting! Being part Czech, this language has always been one I have been curious about and eager to learn. Can't wait until the reverse course is started! :)


You could start learning through the english to czech course. It simplipy won't have audio in Czech.


That's exactly what I've been doing! I love it already. :)


Im part czech also would love to learn it :)


Congratulations to the Czech team and the Duolingo team for launching the beta phase!

In keeping with the thinking of this English speaking forum, I will add that I too am now looking forward to your reverse course :)


And I just have a question - I was "signed up" at the website as "Let me know, when this course is done". But I haven't received neither an email nor a message here on DL. Why? How does this function actually work?

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The notification emails will be sent later, and the time largely depends on the stability of each course. The notification email of the "English for Chinese speakers" course was sent 2 months after it had been released. More often, it is approximately 1 month for most courses.

2014.10.18 EDT


Oh, interesting, thank you. Actually I understand it, because now it is sometimes hard even to finish the exercise, because my correct answeres aren't accepted - so why invite more users when it doesn't work properly yet :-)


Congrats to all the course creators! I'm having a great time beta-testing the course!


Yes, it's so awkward to write Czech sentences here on DuoLingo!! :-)



Yes! The more attention to Slavic languages, the better. Good work, course developers!


How do you beta-test Czech? I just can't wait 2 months!


It looks like, acc. to the incubator, that Czech isn't in beta test yet. If it were, you could simply sign up for it.


Is English an "easy" language for Czechs? Except for the spelling, of course. I taught English in Prague for 3 years, mostly private lessons, but after years and years of English lessons in school, most people knew the grammar better than many Americans. They would complain in fluent, idiomatic English about how horrible their teachers had been, how they never had a chance to speak, but they had to have been at well over the B2 level. I'm wondering how Czech for English speakers will go - there's simply so much more morphology. Maybe the simplicity of the verb system will even things out.


Can we please get a Czech for English Speakers in beta? Would be a huge help!


I'll learn it through English. :) haha


My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. :D I understand Czech grammar very well but I need practice writing sentences, so this is exactly what I need! So excited...


V betě? Klobouk dolů, Češi!

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