"Mijn zus woont momenteel in een kasteel."

Translation:My sister lives in a castle at the moment.

October 17, 2014

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What's wrong with "momentarily my sister lives in a castle"?


Momenteel and momentarily are false friends. Momenteel means currently, at the moment, now, right now. Momentarily means imminently or briefly, which in Dutch would be op ieder moment or voor korte tijd/voor korte duur respectively. Clearly imminently/op ieder moment doesn't work with living somewhere.


Thanks for clearing that up. You are right. I got mixed up with the similar spelling but they have a totally different meaning.


I see, thanks.


Mijn zus en haar muis wonen in'n huis.


Is there any reason for the phrase "for the time being" is not accepted as a correct translation for "momenteel"?


For the time being sounds to me like it is a temporary situation (which the sentence doesn't say), you can use voor het moment or voor zolang het duurt (lit. for as long as it takes) for that.


Would "right now" not be accepted for the same reason?


I don't think so, maybe because it usually only is used for things currently happening and not for things that continually happen (like living)? But I'm not too sure about that, that's an English issue, on which I'm no expert at all. :)


"Right now" works both in cases of immediate occurrence (He is washing the dishes right now) and continual occurences (He lives in San Francisco right now). That is my understanding. In that case, is "right now" a correct translation?


Then it's fine.


'My sister lives in a castle at present' is being marked wrong. I can't detect any difference from 'at the moment'. Both of them suggest that the situation may only be temporary.

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