"Pigerne så fire bryllupper og en begravelse."

Translation:The girls saw four weddings and one funeral.

October 18, 2014

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Det er en sjov film


Fire Begravelser Og En Bryllup er også fremragende :)


... but that would be "Fire begravelser og ET bryllup" ;-)


Betyder "begravelse" også "burial"?


In general, when you bury someone in a casket in Denmark, you will use the word "begravelse" no matter what type of funeral/burial. You can use 'kirkelig begravelse' (church) or 'borgerlig begravelse' (not member of the Church of Denmark), if you want to be very specific, but it is rarely used.

However, we do distinguish between being buried in a casket and being cremated, which is 'bisættelse'. You will often see the sentence 'Bisættelsen finder sted d. (insert date)' 'The funeral is taking place the (insert date)' at the bottom of an death announcement in a danish newspaper.

In the spoken language, 'Bisættelse' is more rarely used than 'begravelse', which means Danes will often say 'begravelse', no matter if the casket with the deceased is getting cremated or buried after the ceremony. You will also have people saying 'begravelse' when just burying an urn.


Very good coment. I will add that the burying an urn is in fact called an "urnebegravelse", which is in order with what is going on at the event.


Thank you, that is a good addition :)

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