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Would like someone to speak German with

Hi, my name is Jamie and Im from the US. I am learning german and I am probably around A2 level in reading and writing and about two thirds done with the duolingo tree. No one around me speaks german, so I never get to speak it at all. Quite difficult to practice. So far I have been watching movies and videos in german to learn listening. I am hoping to find some friends on here to practice speaking, writing, and reading with. Would anyone like to join me? :)

Add me on Kakao talk JamieJamJams

October 18, 2014



Hi, I am interested although I'm not sure if I am even A1. It's been less than a month since I started learning. Anyway, please post on my stream if you're interested in some toddler Deutsch chat :D ... Bis Bald


Verstehst du mich bisher? :P Wenn ja, können wir dann, auf Skype, einander als Freund hinzufügen. Ich spreche gar nicht fließend Deutsch, jedoch ich "this and that" weiß. xD Anfangs will ich nicht mit dem Video sprechen, aber vielleicht später, wenn ich mich sicher fühlen. Wenn du interesse hast, schick mir eine Nachricht mit deinem Steamkontonamen.

Außerdem bin ich 28 Jahre alt und ich wohne in England. (hab aber nicht die beste Internetverbindung)


Du kannst besser Deutsch schreiben als mir, aber ich habe dich die meisten zeit verstehen. Ich habe noch immer fehler gemacht. Mein Steamkontonamen ist budgiekens.


Nice. 8) Ich werde dir ja adden.

EDIT: Ich glaub ich hab dein Skypekonto geaddet, war ein Unfall. >.< (aber ich löschte es) Tut mir leid. Hab gerade eben dein Steamkonto geaddet. xD


I don't know if I'm ready to get in German conversations right now, but would be good to keep in touch with people who are learning or already learned it, by the same reason as you. Would be good to train my English as well, because I don't use it very much and I feel kind of frightened with my vocabulary sometimes.


Welcome ! Yes I think it's a good idea to be in touch with people who are also learning the language to exchange resources, practice what you have learned, enrich and expand your vocabulary...etc What's your native language btw?


Thank you! Yes that's what I've been trying to do, always, gladly I found duolingo today, it seems to be an amazing platform to do that, I'm quite excited with my studies now. So, my native language is Portuguese, I'm from Brazil. And you are from?


Good luck ! Ich bin aus Algerien.


Hi, I'm a German native speaker. So, if someone wants to practice (my english writing/reading is B2/C1, but I don't practice my speaking very often; so a English native would be awesome :) ) write on my wall :)


I am an American English native speaker who needs a great deal of practice speaking German. I studied German in college and I've completed the RosettaStone course recently, but I am still awkward at speaking because there is nobody to practice with. I can Skype, no camera, or depending on where you live, call. I live in NYC.


I'm from Vienna. This is totally fine. :) My skypename for Doulingo is furrymw. So if anyone else is interested, just add me. ;)


I tried but couldn't find you on Skype. Could you please add me ? My skype is kouonskype1. Danke :)


I would! I literally just started today so please bear with me, as you are far ahead of where I am. It seems like so far I am MUCH better at reading and writing it than I am at attempting to pronounce some of the words. Not sure where in the US you are but I am in NY so I don't what, if any, the time difference is where you are. Anyway, I would love to have someone to practice with. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hallo! We can of course practice together. Do you use steam? WeChat? Skype? Aim? Write on my wall!


Where do you live? In NYC, there are groups who meet to practice speaking German. Google "meet-ups" with your city name.


Hi :) I think I may be late to the party but I would be thrilled to join you! :) I am Polish and have been studying German for 13 years now so I think I could help you.


Very impressive ! Much appreciated, I'll post on your "stream".


I'm between B2 and C1 in German I believe. I've been learning it for 4 years and was top of my class last year.

I have Skype but I'd rather write/read first to get to know you as I do with all my online friends. I usually practice with my native German friend on Facebook through writing. My speaking is very bad compared to my writing because I have much much more writing/reading/listening practice.


I would my name is grace


I'm all for it! ^-^


I am trying too, if u have skype can add me there thiago.magalhaes65 ( must say, I am beginner )


Hey Jamie, I started a similar thread a couple weeks ago and someone suggested http://www.conversationexchange.com/ to me. The sites been really helpful. And you can converse with native German speakers that will push you to increase your knowledge and comprehension. There are a lot of members who will be willing to help you even if you are at a very low level.


My experience with Conversation Exchange is that there are a lot of students there who want to practice English, and when the exams are over, they disappear.


Hi! I would like that too! I really wanna start talking in German. XD


Hi! I wrote on your wall!


I'm not as far down the tree as you are, but feel free to talk to me. I don't have a mic for webcam(never needed one) but we could practice writing and reading.


Hallo Leute! Ich lerne Deutsch seit zwei Jahren und ich möchte meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern. Ich shreibe aus Ungarn und natürlich habe ich Skypekonto um zu üben. Mein Motto: Übung macht den Meister. Ich warte auf Ihre Nachrichten,Grüss aus Ungarn


Hallo, du kannst mich auf skype hinzufügen. :) Mein Kontoname ist jamiejamjams. Wir können zusammen Deutsch üben.


It sounds fun but i dont know very much german and im still not very fluent in german but maybe.I like to be with people who are learning the same language and can help me with german.


Du kannst mich auf Kakao hinzufügen. :) Mein Kontoname ist JamieJamJams


You can add me on Kakao Talk. My account name is JamieJamJams


It is messenger phone app, I think most smart phones have it.


Hi i am not very advanced in german, but i am daily practicing in duolingo, and am constantly listening to german rap and rock, and i am buying books online now, i would love to practice with you :)


Hallo! We can practice then! How would you like to talk? I have a HelloTalk and a Kakao Talk account. Do you have either of those?


No sorry bro? Or sis? And i have email and skype


do you have either of these?


Ich wird mit dir auch spreche. Ich habe ein bischen uben mit mein vater, aber ich schreibe schlecht. Ich lebe im USA auch.

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