Streak lost

Dear people of Duolingo,

For the second time now, I've lost my streak because of glitches. I did my two lessons, Portuguese and Italian, as usual. When I started my streak was a 4 days, when I finished it was at 1 day. My dashboard tells me I did a lesson on Saturday, but it's still Friday (11:15 PM)... Why is this? Is there a solution?

Regards, ProBugCatcher

October 18, 2014


It could have something to do with the time set on your computer. I have quite a long individual French streak, but the other day I realised at about 12:10 I'd only done German that day. So I turned the clock back an hour on my Kindle, did a French lesson, then set it back to normal. The graph said I'd missed a day, but the French streak lived. It could also have something to do with coach, if you're in that test group. A lot of people have been having trouble with it and their streaks. However, a 4 day streak is soon recovered :) You could also buy streak protection in case this happens again.

Same thing today. It's 11 and my streak was added to Sunday rather than the actual Saturday. (I know 4 days is little, but I think it's the third time I lose it this way, I'd be closer to 20-25 by now). Is there a way to know what time Duolingo thinks it is?

If you have coach, then there should be a countdown next to your goal with how much time you have left to continue your streak. If not, I suppose you could try checking the progress graph frequently when it gets late to see if it has the dot for tomorrow yet.

I don't have coach. Today I did only slightly earlier, 11 and same. It's Sunday shows I did my lesson for Monday.

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