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  5. "My wife wears a blue dress."

"My wife wears a blue dress."

Translation:Min kone har en blå kjole på.

October 18, 2014


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I wrote: "Min kone har blå kjole på" and got it wrong.

I just looked it up in the 'clothing'-bit and there it said:

Jeg har en kjole på → literally I have a dress on meaning I am wearing a dress

<pre>Jeg har kjole på → literally I have dress on meaning I am wearing a dress </pre>

Both options are correct, though, so don’t worry. ;) Most often the second one (without article) is used, while the first one is chosen if one wishes to add emphasis to the item being worn.

What am I not getting here?

November 9, 2014


Possibly it is because there is an adjective being used, "blå," to describe the dress, rather than just "en kjole."


This one's fun to say! Min kone har en blå kjole på!


I wrote tager på. Why is that wrong?


    Min kone tager en blå kjole på would mean "My wife is putting a blue dress on", as in she is getting dressed as opposed to wearing it already


    Does på always come after the article of clothing that one is wearing?


    Could someone remind me the difference between "min" and "mine"?


    'mine' is plural, so if the sentence was let us say...''My cats are stealing my wife's blue dress.'' It would be, ''Mine katte stjæler min kones blå kjole.'' Since there are multiple cats, it's 'mine', and only one wife, so 'min'.

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