"La nostra pasticceria è piccola."

Translation:Our bakery is small.

June 18, 2013



Why not "confectionery"?

December 10, 2013


In south Texas, and mid-coastal California, a confectionEry/confectionary is a gussied up candy store (sweets shop). 10Jul15

July 10, 2015


There is no Italian cognate for the word "bakery", pasticceria sells sweets (a 'pastry shop') whereas a panetteria sells bread (a 'bread shop') - there aren't really stores analagous to bakeries in english speaking countries.

December 9, 2013


How about "patisserie"?

April 13, 2014


Why is "cake shop" incorrect when the hover over shows it as an answer

June 18, 2013


There are involved different culinary traditions: in Italy there aren't bakeries! If I'm not wrong at the Anglo-Saxon bakery you can buy cakes, puddings, muffins, meat pie.. sweety and salty things, anything "baked". Traditionally you can't buy creams or jellies in a bakery, do you?

In Italy, "panetteria" is where you buy bread (a lot of type of bread) and nothing else (maybe some biscuits, of course nothing with meat); "pasticceria" is where you buy only sweets: cakes, creams, tiramisù, biscuits, fingerfoods, candies, chocolate etc. (nothing salty and no bread); "gastronomia" is where you buy all the rest "baked" (lasagna, roast beef, meat pie etc.)

I don't know how duolingo chose the right answer.. it depend on the context, I think.

June 18, 2014


pasticceria is really more of a pastry shop, which would include more than just cakes. It's a bakery, but with sweet and semi sweet treats only, really.

September 3, 2013


His point was, if it's not a cake shop, then why is it on the hover-over?

Is it for certain contexts, or is it just wrong altogether?

November 12, 2013


The sound doesn't come out very well.

May 6, 2016


La pasticceria IS NOT A BAKERY! That wouild be a paneterria

February 22, 2019


Well, then maybe cake shop shouldn't be shown as a translation for the word. Either that or it should be accepted as a correct answer.

October 2, 2013


Ma questo non è vero!! C'è uno sbaglio qui! Vedi: 'la pasticceria' non è 'the bakery', però significa 'a confectionery' (= a store, where the sweets are sold!)! La traduzione esatta per 'the bakery' (= a store, where the bread is sold!) è 'la panetteria' ("Il nostro pane quotidiano.." = "Our daily bread..") o ancora meglio 'il panificio'. Siccome non c'è di pochissima sbagliata qui, è proprio e davvero così! ;)

September 27, 2015


pastery is bakery i meant the same thing and they said i was wrong

November 30, 2017


"Cake shop" was accepted in another DL sentence but not this one. I have reported this inconsistancy

February 24, 2019
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