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  5. "I Norden drikker de øl."

"I Norden drikker de øl."

Translation:In the North they drink beer.

October 18, 2014



Why the inversion of "drikker" and "de" here?


Because of the 'I Norden'. I don't know if it's necessary (I assume it is) but it actually seems quite natural to me (after learning a bit of German, where the verb always goes in the second position).


It is not. "De drikker øl i norden" is propper Danish as well


Well, if you want to keep the "I Norden" at the beginning is what I was saying.


ZL321 is right. It means that "I Norden" is important. The first element of the sentence gets the emphasis.


In my dictionnary, Norden means Scandinavia.

Can a Dane state whever you have a word for Scandinavia/Scandinavian or that you really use Norden (the north) as Scand...


Skandinavien. But the north and scandinavia are not the same thing the north includes iceland and finland. Scandinavia does not

Ccp grey made this helpful video on the subject http://www.cgpgrey.com/blog/where-is-scandinavia


Why is ale not accepted for beer?


It tends to be used for a specific type of beer.


It would be great to show the rules why it is in this order... and not just find out. Because there are lot of rules that we can't learn. Like colors. I still don't know why rod, rode or rodt ? So it would be great...

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