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"Hij was jaloers op haar succes."

Translation:He was jealous of her success.

October 18, 2014



This should be envious, not jealous. But whatever.


Perhaps strictly speaking yes, though a lot of people mix them up and the definition of jealous and envious can also vary depending on the source. Since that they are mixed up a lot and a lot of people are not aware of the specifics of jealous vs. envious I think it is acceptable to use jealous here which probably will make it easier for people to remember jaloers as the words are fairly alike.


I didn't report it for precisely that reason.


He envied her success ??? Zou ook goedgekeurd moeten worden lijkt me.


Jealous of or jealous about even?


Can't you also day 'jealous at...' ?


As a native speaker, I would always say "jealous of," but this may be something that varies from region to region, I am not sure.


Yep, you can, though they're not interchangeable. 'Jealous of' can always be used, but 'jealous at' can only be used of abstract things/notions, thus 'jealous of/at her success', but not 'jealous at her' or 'jealous at her car', whereas 'jealous of her' or 'jealous of her car' are just fine.


would jealous over her success be right?

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