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  5. "Bevo l'acqua."

"Bevo l'acqua."

Translation:I drink the water.

October 18, 2014



Why dont we need the Io at the beginning of the sentence?


You're right! So it"s complete sentence io bevo il aqua


"Lo" is used when the noun is masculine and it begins with z, p, gn, y and s+consonant such as sp, st etc.


Sorry i meant io not lo. My phone changed it to a capital i.


Ah I see, you can use "io" before "bevo", but Italians like to omit it, because they can understand the speaker's meaning just from the verb. bere conjugation: Io bevo Tu bevi Lui/lei beve Noi beviamo Voi bevete Loro bevono.


Right I see. Thank you :) I thought that might be it but I've never come across it in German or French before.


Trick to remember bevi, bevo, beve - Beverage starts with "bev" too and these all have to do with drinking something


la aqua, but it gets shorten to l'aqua because it doesn't make sense to say lA Aqua, too many a's


Same thing in French


In the notes at the lesson choice , it's written that " l' " is used before a vowel. As "Acqua" begin with the "A" vowel, i guess that's why we write " l'acqua " and not " la acqua " or anything else


If I write "Drink the water" instead of "I drink the water", will it be wrong?


Yes, because that construction without subject in English implies command, and in Italian that would be "Bevi l'acqua".


"I drink water ", in english people don't say "I drink the water", right? Anyway it doesn't give me a pass either way. What's the right answer.


In Italian you can omit the article, but that would slightly change the meaning from "I drink this water right here" to "I drink water" in general.


People who are having trouble, please learn French and Spanish before learning Italian, it really helps you undrstand the accents and the other things


What are the conjugations of Bevo?


The voice sounds like it says, 'bevono.'


Can I say "bevo un'acqua"? I drink water in general, not this specific one, so why to use the definite article here?


Isn't it supposed to be Io bevo l'aqua for it to be i drink the water???


I type in "ľ acqua", and it tells me it should be "l acqua".


why dont we need to use the io


Isn't there a way to skip the microphone questions without getting them wrong? The device I'm using doesn't have one? Can you guys add a text box just in case you don't have a microphone?


There is an option to click "Can't speak now" in the lower left hand corner when asked to click the microphone and speak/repeat. I believe it mutes for an hour.


@Tarquinii if you go into your setting it should give you an option to turn speaking exercises off.


When you just say bevo.. Without "io" before it.. Doesn't that just mean "drink"? As in, a command?


No. Bevo is the first-person form. You can omit io, because the form of the verb already shows who is the subject.


Is anyone else feeling as frustrated as I am? I could write down the correct responses and type them back in, but thats not learning. Its cheating. Is there ANY wayto start over?


It really should allow you to use la in place of l' . Since it's hard to do with one ✋


Why do we not need to put Io for I at the beginning? I know that we use Bevo when referring to ourselves but 'Bevo l'aqua' looks like a command. Can someone please clarify?


Bevo never means “drink” by itself. It ALWAYS means I drink. io is unnecessary but could be added for emphasis.


What would we say boy in spanish ragazzo or nino?

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