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  5. "The birds are yellow."

"The birds are yellow."

Translation:Gli uccelli sono gialli.

June 18, 2013



My phone changed gli it was typo!


I'm unclear as to when I'm supposed to use i for plural and gli... Is it i cani or gli cani, etc.?


it is "i cani".

  1. Lo (pl. gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with s + consonant (lo stivale = the boot), z (zoo),gn, ps, pn, x and y.
  2. L’ (pl. gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with a vowel.
  3. Il (pl. i) is used before masculine nouns beginning with all other consonants.

for more examples check: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare110a.htm


Perfect! Thank you!

So it would be l'uccello & gli uccelli?


dnovinc, I'm giving you a lingot because of your excellent explanation. However, what is the rule about "I," as in "I gatti?"


I is the plural of il. You just drop the l. Italian articles, adjectives and nouns generally end in the same vowel when the agree in the plural. The only issues are nouns ending in e in the singular. The e always turns to i, but many Italian nouns that end in e are feminine. This can be confusing.


When the noun ends in "i," then any adjectives (gialli/yellow) and articles (Gli/the)that go with it also end in "i."


this is one of the hardest tasks to get the job done!


That was my snswer exactly. I want one heart back!!!


Well maybe you are so stingy afterall


Thanks that helps a lot

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