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Offline mode doesn't work on iPhone

I've been using Duolingo for two days. Today I wanted to learn again on my way to school but when I opened the application, it logged out automatically and it said I must log in. I tried to, but it said my account or the password was wrong. When I was online again, I could log in but when I was coming home and I was offline, it logged out again and I couldn't start a lesson because I couldn't log in. Of course I couldn't because there was no internet connection but I read that Duolingo supports offline learning too. What should I do? Is it normal? Thanks!

June 18, 2013

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Me too...i have lost all offline progress from numerous sessions on Sunday and have had to delete the app..Nothing works...on pc, ipad or iphone online...lesson or test out of the sections I have now done several times (French) don't progress in IE, Chrome or even Torch browsers...help!

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