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Switching courses


I'm native Czech and I use duolingo for some time to learn Italian from English. I was really looking forward to try new English from Czech course which opened very recently in beta. I thought that switching courses would be really easy, only by clicking on the flag next to my avatar. But if i want to switch the two courses I use, I have to click the flag then "add a new course" then I have to choose the language I speak, then choose the language I want to learn and then click on "switch to course". That is really pain in the neck. Couldn't the process be somehow simplified? Best would be if I could switch the courses only by the flag icon.

October 18, 2014



It is not easy and is complicated even further by grouping languages by your two base languages i.e. Czech and English. I have seen some scropts which make it easier but they only apply to certain browsers and notvat all for the mobile apps.


Could you please tell me how you manage to switch the base language back? I am stuck in my secondary "base language" which is really not a base language at all, but was an opportunity to cross train between two other languages. Thank you!


Yes, you have to go here https://www.duolingo.com/courses/all and select the course you want =).


I'm having a similar issue. When you do this switch of base languages, do you always have to start the language course from the beginning or does it remember the progress you had?

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