"È quasi mezzogiorno."

Translation:It is almost noon.

June 18, 2013

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    mezzogiorno?! said it a thousand times, never recognized Oo


    Does quasi have a temporal sense? I knew it can be "almost" but i thought that meant in the sense of "practically" or "about." I said "around noon" which has the same sense as about, but not the slightly before sense of "almost"


    No, the temporal meaning of quasi is truly close to "almost", i.e. it can't be used to refer to "shortly after noon". The "about" meaning is usually covered by "circa" or "intorno", i.e. "è circa mezzogiorno" (it's around noon) and "vediamoci intorno a mezzogiorno" (let's meet around noon).


    Thanks. I'd written 'about' and got it wrong. But can it mean 'nearly' ?


    Yes, I think "nearly" has the same nuance here.


    Buon Giorno Ferdinand. Sei un nativo Italiano?


    Thank You for your explanations.


    As adverbs the difference between almost and about is that almost is very close to, but not quite while about is not distant; approximate.

    it's almost 5 o'clock can mean that it is before 5 o'clock. Maybe 4:50.

    About 5 o'clock means just around 5:00. It could be be before OR after.

    "Almost" means that it is getting close.

    Remember Quasimodo? "He baptized his adopted child and named him Quasimodo, either in order to commemorate the day on which he found him or because he wished to express by this name the degree to which the poor little creature was incomplete and imperfectly molded."

    Then there are quasi fruit -- but thats for another time.


    My Italian girlfriend can not pronounce it satisfactorily for the app either!??

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    I put midday, which is exactly the same as noon.


    Mezzogiorno do not recognize!!!!! Fix it


    Grazie mille per all the explanations,


    Why is " about" offered as an optional meaning for quasi?


    You have to say "è quasi mezzanotte" and it will understand... not the first time, duo


    what is wrong with it is almost afternoon?

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