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  5. "Cuireann sí m'éadaí umam."

"Cuireann m'éadaí umam."

Translation:She puts my clothes around me.

October 18, 2014



Sorry, but I would NEVER EVER say in English that I would put my clothes "about me". So how come "She puts my clothes on me" isn't correct, since that is what was implied?

ie: I put "She is cold" for the sentence "Tá an fuaire tríthí", and was marked correct.


Yeah. The preposition lessons are a little weird because they're trying to show you how to inflect them. With um, here, you can go the best route: don't use it. Most dialects don't. Here, however, it's talking about physically setting them around someone.


Thanks for clearing that up. I have never come across these prepositional pronouns derived from 'um': I have read or heard 'um' only in temporal expressions such as 'um Nollaig'.

As for the English, 'She puts my clothes around me' suggests to me that for some reason she is placing them on the floor around where I am, as one might throw down jerseys for goalposts, for example. It would be more idiomatic - albeit less literal - to use a verb such as 'wrap' or 'swathe' to convey the 'um' sense, e.g. 'she wraps me in my clothes'.


Ah. I see... thanks for the explanation!


Any time! If you have any other questions, just ask.


I am a fan of you, galaxyrocker. Thanks for always being so helpful!


Wait, how did you use Italics?


asterisk on each side of the word. Double asterisk on each side is bold.


Vielen Dank! This is going to be so damn useful.


Here's a place for "cuid" - "mo chuid eadai"

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