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"Het station bevindt zich ten westen van het hotel."

Translation:The station is located to the west of the hotel.

October 18, 2014



O.k. I have to ask: What do the Dutch love so much about their stations? DL can't seem to bring them up often enough. Are they grand or quaint and historic?


Not Dutch, but living here a number of years. It is not so much that they are grand or historic at all, but rather an integral part of every day life. In each town it is likely the most well known land-mark and directions to and from it are important when visiting said town, since you probably came their by train. :)


I just wanted to confirm that this is more formal. In casual speech, you could just say "Het station staat ten westen van het hotel", correct?


English question: is 'from' instead of 'of' used by natives at all in this kind of sentence, or is that apparently some weird hugarianism that's been stuck with me for who knows how long?


Are you asking if the English sentence can be, "The station is located to the west from the hotel?" If so, the answer is no. If you say the sentence above, one it just sounds wrong and two it makes the reader think you are starting from the hotel and not from the station.


What does the ten westen mean?


It means to the west of. It's always used in relation to something, in this case het hotel.


'towards the West from the hotel' however is not accepted. Should it be?


This is covered in the lesson on directions. It's worth giving it a once-over.

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