"O agente federal não conseguiu as informações necessárias."

Translation:The federal agent failed in obtaining the required information.

June 18, 2013

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Is it just me or is the sentence missing the second verb..."obtaining"?


?.. failed in obtaining = falhou em obter / didnt get = não consegui... well... sometimes they demand literal translations. Next time they run away from it... :S


"The federal agent did not obtain the necessary information." was accepted as a translation (21/11/2013)


i agree, as it's written, i see it as "the federal agent was not able the necessary information" obviously not right...


"as informações necessárias" is not plural? why is it translated as "the required information"?


"information" in English hardly ever has its form in plural, just in few contexts, but in Portuguese it has plural most of he time, unless it is required a specific information.

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    "The federal agent didn't get the necessary information." is accepted.

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