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  5. "Mine forældre sagde det?"

"Mine forældre sagde det?"

Translation:My parents said that?

October 18, 2014



"Did my parents say that?" seems a better translation to me.


The sentence fits better in certain contexts, especially when the emphasis is on "that". For example, "Your parents said you're ugly." "My parents said that?" is usually the better choice.


I love the example.


Never underestimate a parent. Especially when you're in high school and hanging out with friends and finally after years of trying, for the first time, they thought you were cool.


'Did my parents say that?' seems more like something where you'd stress the 'did', doubting thst they actually said that. 'My parents said that?' could be more outrage than doubt. Both could be used to check if it was actually the parents and not someone else asking.


see szupie's comment for this matter, they have a really good point.

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