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  5. "My son eats anywhere."

"My son eats anywhere."

Translation:Mijn zoon eet overal.

October 18, 2014



"Anywhere" has "ergens" listed as a translation... why does it not work in this context?


A better translation of ergens is somewhere (that's why it doesn't work). Right now I cant think of any context where anywhere is a translation of ergens, so better forget about it. It's better to see words in their context, than finding all possible translations in a dictionary.


Good to know, thanks. But it's listed in the Duolingo translations when you click on the word. Is this an error that needs correcting?


"Zijn juliie mijn bril ergens" === "Do you see my glasses anywhere" in Duo. Still working on diff between ergens and overall, myself...


I'm not sure if this is correct, but in the "Zien jullie mijn bril ergens," Ergens, referring to somewhere/anywhere, is in the case where the glasses are in only one place, somewhere. But in "Mijn zoon eet overal," Overal, referring to anywhere, is the case where anywhere is all/many places. That's how I see the contexts being different.


Why not 'mijn zoon overal eet'?


Because the verb needs to be in the second position.


This section is getting confusing.


So everywhere and anywhere are both 'overal'?

So for '...find my keys anywhere', we need to think '...find my keys somewhere'? ergo 'ergens' think I've got it .....?

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