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"Ben jij..." Clarification Question

I want to make sure I'm understanding this properly...

For only jij/je (second person singular) you drop the -t on the end of the conjugated verb if the verb comes before the subject.


"Ben jij dood?" "Heb jij een abortus?"

And is this only in present tense?

October 19, 2014



It's actually jij in Dutch, not jej :)

These two grammar explanation threads should help you though: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3734337

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3733010 (especially point 2 in regards to inversion).


Sorry, I fixed it. I know it is jij, IDK why I put jej. Probably because jej sounds more like jij when pronounced in German lol.

Still, neither of those answer my question. Do you drop the -t on bent (so it becomes ben) when it comes before the subject? Like "Ben jij een schildpad?" as opposed to "Bent jij een schildpad?"


Yep, that's right. If "jij" or "je" comes after the verb, then the verb uses the ik-form (i.e. without the -t).

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