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  5. "The girls eat."

"The girls eat."

Translation:Itheann na cailíní.

October 19, 2014



Oops! I read "The girls read" in my haste to get through the lesson... maybe I should practice my English before I try to learn the language of my ancestors.


I agree and made a similiar mistake hahaha.


I can read Irish but not spell it

[deactivated user]

    I can spell some of the words just not the big ones, I have the most trouble on the ones where you have to listen and type what you hear.


    I've started writing down all the vocabulary so I can refer back to it. I was going so slowly otherwise. Helps me learn the spelling and pronunciation because I write the phonetics for everything.


    Same here! Definitely a major help for the visual and Kinesthetic learners.


    I used an instead of na, does that not work?


    It's like spanish, los and las is used for plural objects. Na and an is similar, na is used for plural objects like the men (na fir) and an is used for singular objects (an fear).


    Agh! I wish all languages wrote their sentences the same way! I ended up writing "Na cailini itheann" instead of "itheann na cailini".


    If all languages did things the same way, we'd have flawless universal translators by now and there would be no need for things like Duolingo....


    Yeah that would definitely make communicating a lot easier. Try writing notes about the grammar rules. English tends to put the importance characters, while some other languages emphasize the actions. It helps me to write something like "Itheann na cailíní = Eat, the girls" that way I can expect what direction the grammar flows.

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