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  5. "The girl speaks."

"The girl speaks."

Translation:Het meisje spreekt.

October 19, 2014



I typed "de meisje spreekt"; please enlighten me on the use of "het" and "de". Is it because there is only one girl >> and hence we use "het" instead of "de"? :)


One would indeed expect girl to be feminine, so a de woord, in accordance with the natural gender. But all diminutives in Dutch are het woorden. The only odd thing about meisje is that the diminutive form is the common one, its 'root' de meid is used a lot less. This only the case for a few diminutives.

More on de vs het here.


What's the difference between spreken and spreekt? Like which pronouns are each one used for?


Spreken is for plural and sprekt is for singular


when the word meisje is used it seems that sometimes it takes de and others it takes het. Can anyone please explain?


'meisje' is always 'het' (because it is a diminutive and common form), 'de' is only used when the plural is given: de meisjeS (please pay attention to this end-s). I know it can be confusing, because in spoken Dutch the end-s isn't always pronounced as clear as it should be.


I wrote het meijse spreken i dont know what i got wrong


You misspelled meisje and used the wrong verb conjugation, hebben instead of heeft.

  • ik heb
  • jij/u hebt^
  • zij/hij/het heeft (het meisje heeft)
  • wij hebben
  • jullie hebben
  • zij hebben

^ u heeft is also correct


Why is it meid and not meisje?


You might've written de meisje, in which case the grading system thought you used the wrong word and suggested de meid. Just know that the word for girl is meisje, and that it's a het word since it ends in -je.


Have a look at the previous comments.


When to use "het" or "de" please? I'm confused


'het' is for neuter words and (in this case) for diminutives, 'de' is used for ALL plurals and masculine and feminine words (distinction is to be known by heart)

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