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  5. "Okay? Okay."

"Okay? Okay."

Translation:Ceart go leor? Ceart go leor.

October 19, 2014



Here we have go leor (enough, plenty) which is where galore comes from.



An Locht in ár Réaltaí


Is simply saying "Go maith" an acceptable form of "OK"?


Just out of curiosity, what does this literally mean? Ceart = right, correct and go leor = enough, plenty, so does it literally mean "plenty of right" or something of that nature (except that doesn't really make any sense...)?

  • 1488

perhaps: it's right enough (i.e., not perfect, but okay)


It doesn't really make any sense to look for a literal translation of an idiom like this - what does "okay" literally mean?

Irish speakers understand ceart go leor in the same way that English speakers understand OK or okay - it can mean quite different things (more or less positive) depending on the context - "OK! Let's get this show on the road!", "OK, I see your point" and "It's OK, I suppose" all have different registers, and you can use ceart go leor in each of those examples.


'right enough' would be used here (Belfast) to cover all those meanings of 'ok', rather than 'not perfect but okay' closer to ' that is indeed correct'.

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