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  5. "No, thanks, I am full."

"No, thanks, I am full."

Translation:Nej tak, jeg er mæt.

October 19, 2014



So, "mæt" means you are sated and "fuld" means you are not thirsty anymore (or even drunk)? Or is there another difference?

  • Edit: fuld, not "fult"


Jens er mæt = Jens has had enough to eat and is no longer hungry.
Jens er fuld = Jens is under the influence of alcohol to the point where his physical and mental abilities are impaired.
(Definitions taken from Den Danske Ordbog for mæt and fuld).

Fuld can also mean an object is physically full or an action that can't have more effect than it already has (for example fuld fart = full speed)


You're very helpful. Thanks a lot!


There is not really a word for not being thirsty anymore. You could use "hydreret" but people would look very weird at you;)


hvorfor "ellers tak" virker ikke ?

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