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  5. "Das Klima ist gut."

"Das Klima ist gut."

Translation:The climate is good.

October 19, 2014



Klima can be weather too?


Weather is a temporary situation, whereas climate describes a long term condition.


sure, how do I know which one they are referring to? I've never heard "the climate is good/bad", whereas I ALWAYS hear "the weather is good/bad"


Think about a travel agency where they tell you, that the climate at your travel destination is good.

It could also be used metaphorical e.g. to describe the working atmosphere somewhere: "Ich arbeite bei einer neuen Firma. Das Klima dort ist gut."


no, in both cases, you're referring to the weather, not the climate.


Sorry, that's wrong, not sure why you downvote me. I'm just trying to explain how it's handled in German.

If you say that the "climate on Hawaii is good", that that doesn't refer to the current weather there. I'm not saying that this is technically the correct term. But it's about the long term weather conditions and you could definitely hear something like this when you book a trip.

The same goes for the working atmosphere. If the climate is good, it does not talk about the current mood of the boss. It's whether it's ok there over the long term.


I wrote 'That climate is good' and was marked wrong with correction as 'That clime is good' Why is this?


A clime is a reigon considered with reference to its climate. An example sentence would be "long holidays in sunnier climes". A climate is the weather conditions in a certain area in general or over a long period of time


Thanks. I am English with a good vocabulary and I learnt something new today.


Is Klima also the air conditioning in a car?


You have to add Anlage (facility, mechanism) to get the composite word Klimaanlage. Some may just say Klima but that's very sloppy and only makes sense if the context is very clear.


Thank you, i was wondering the same


Does Klima only apply to weather or is it more broadly used like climate in english?


Not sure about the broader meaning in english, but you can say things like "Im Team herrscht ein gutes Klima." to express, that the team members get along very well with each other.


In English the figurative use of climate is mostly with large population concepts, as in the "economic" or "political" climate. For teams or workplaces we use the word environment.


My experience differs from GeeRads. I have often heard people talk about there being a good/bad climate at their workplaces or something fostering a good/bad climate at work.


can you not say das klima as in That climate is good. ?


I know my question is a bit specific, but what is the most common (or the most expectable) plural for Klima? The German Wiktionary lists three options: Klimas, Klimata and Klimate.


This is so rare that that most Germans would probably struggle here, too. I'd personally use either Klimata or Klimas. But I can't even think of an example sentence as there's ever only one Klima. Even if you talk about "two clima..ta(?)", you'd still use singular:

  • Mars und Venus haben ein völlig unterschiedliches Klima. (Alternative: Mars und Venus haben völlig verschiedene Klimas/ta).

[deactivated user]

    But we can fix that.


    Does weather and climate are not the same?


    Not really. Climate is kind of a more long-term measure of weather. You can talk about the weather in some place on a particular day or over a week, but the climate is the conditions that the region has in general-- a more general description of how the weather is throughout the year based on a history of many years.

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