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"We had become poor, but I had never been that happy."

Translation:Eravamo diventati poveri, ma mai ero stata così felice.

June 19, 2013



Can someone please explain when to use "non... mai" and when to use just "mai"? I put "non ero mai stata..." and it was wrong. Thank you.


Crazy, I removed your long (and funny) discussion with oktaya to remove some clutter; "non ero mai stata" seems to be accepted. You get rid of "non" when you move another negation before the verb for emphasis, which is the case with "mai ero stata".


Fair enough! And thanks for the reply...


Can someone tell me why both stata and stato are acceptable. I put in "ma non ero mai stato così felice." Is it just functioning as, or perhaps actually is a past participle so it is the gender thing? or is there something else.


Yes, "stato" is the past participle of the verb "stare" and here acts as that of "essere"; as with all compound tenses formed with essere, it matches the subject, so it becomes "stata" if spoken by a female. Same with "eravamo diventati", it could have been "eravamo diventate" if speaking of two females.

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