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Duolingo offline

Duolingo just crashed for me. Does anyone know why?

October 19, 2014



I had completed a lesson that day and didn't realize it wasn't actually submitted due to this glitch. The next day I discovered my 376 day streak was unfairly ended.


It seems there were others also affected due to this.


hmmm.. I wonder what caused duolingo to crash. Probably heavy user traffic. Like one of the users thought


I had it happen as well. Pressing the final continue after testing out a lesson led me to Error 500 page (instead of the congratulatory screen, the mean owl!), and couldn't access anything on the site for a couple of minutes. This site http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/duolingo.com.html said it was up and reachable at the same time I was seeing the error, thought it was a problem on my side.


I am trying so hard to listen to and speak Spanish and this constant irritating background advertising just totally distracts and irritates me. I am so sorry you had to do this and it makes it harder to learn. Is there a way of shutting it off?


idk ask it if it still loves you or if it is mad at you

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