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translating word to word

when i learn spanish. I always try to translate word to word in english. And all sentences can not be translated word to word in english. what is other way to learn then. any suggestions can be appreciated. thank you

June 19, 2013



Translating word by word does not always work. In fact, the principle of translation is this: you read and understand a sentence in one language, then use another language to express the same thing. Some common phrases or idioms may be different, it's ok. If you fail to give the correct translation, try to remember the correct solutions (and report your translation if you are sure it's fine). Anyway, practice makes perfect.


You have to just read your solution and have it make a complete sentence that sounds natural.


Your method should work fine, the only problem I see are idioms.


No, even non-idiomatic phrases will often be problematic, as grammar differs (sometimes substantially) between languages.


Learn a relaxation technique so you mentally and emotionally don't fight the onslaught of foreign words and grammar, and let them overwhelm you. Make many mistakes and don't be afraid of learning by making more mistakes than anyone else. The software has INFINITE patience.


Zen and the art of learning a language.

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