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Streak just doesn't work

Starting from yesterday, my streak hasn't worked. Luckily, I wasn't on a long streak, but no matter how many or which lessons I do, I don't get a streak bonus.

October 19, 2014



Do you refresh the page after doing a lesson? Do you have the Coach feature? If you do not meet the goal, then the streak will not increase (I have mine set to 1).

Have you tried logging in and out?

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I've also noticed that my streak is not synchronised between the website and the app. I have accidentally turned on the coach on the app but not on the website (I've got no option to turn it on, here) so each time I finish a lesson on the website and reach my daily goal it's not showing that on my phone. This worked fine before but stopped a few days ago due to whatever reason. It's a mess that I've now got a 0 streak on my phone and a 2 day streak on the website.

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