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  5. "Tror I at fisk elsker vin?"

"Tror I at fisk elsker vin?"

Translation:Do you think that fish love wine?

October 19, 2014



Sorry for my english, but why is it not "... fish loves wine"?


because we are talking about aaaall the fish in the world c: in english fish is singular and plural at the same time. if you say fishes... it's kinda means different species of fish, not more than one fish. with your sentence it should be '...THE fish loves wine.'


Why can't we say: "Synes I/ du at fisk elsker vin"? Thanks!


Whats the difference between T├Žnker, Tror, and synes


tror vs. taenker?


How it is supposed that i know, that fisk is plural?


If "fisk" is singular, than how come the english translation is not "that fish 'loves' wine" instead of "that fish love wine?"


One of the things I do not understand about English, and I am English, is that if the noun is singular, the verb looks plural. If it is plural, the verb looks singular. "The ship sinks" but "The ducks talk". I think it would be more logical to say "The ship sink" and "The ducks talks", but that is wrong.

If there is one fish, it loves wine. If there is more than one fish, they love wine.


Perfect observation


"fisk" in that sentence refers to all fishes, think it as "do you think that all fishes love wine?". "Fisk" is plural here. See: http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=fisk


I can understand it.In Danish there's no third single.So it is hard to know which word could be use:love,or loves?If it means species of the fish's,it is same as a single- formed word which is includling ALL of the fish,but it is plural.Meanwhile if it is just means fish(or it's meat,and it is uncountable),and that's all,use third single form of verb.


This is confusing. We haven't learned "at." It apparently corresponds with "dass" in German, introducing a dependent clause (THAT fish love wine), not to be confused with the indicative pronoun "THAT" as in "that fish" (as opposed to another fish), in which case it WOULD be "that fish LOVES wine."

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