Translation:Pigen har en lyserød kjole og mørkerøde sko.

4 years ago


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I think it is because shoes are plural whereas dress is singular.

2 years ago


What is the naming convention for when a color has an 'e' on the end or not? Case in point 'lyserød' versus 'mørkerøde'. Mostly just guessing at the moment.

2 years ago


There are 2 cases where the plural form should be used:

  1. We're discussing the object in its plural form (i.e., shoes, apples, cars):

    • I love red apples = Jeg elsker røde æbler.
  2. We're discussing a specific object or an object attributed to someone (i.e. The/His/Hers etc.):

    • The red shirt = Den røde skjorte.

    • His red shirt = Hans røde skjorte

Good luck!

2 years ago


"A dress" is neither plural nor refered to as a specific object, meaning the dress. And it is still "lyse"

11 months ago
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