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  5. "D'aontaíomar an chathair."

"D'aontaíomar an chathair."

Translation:We united the city.

October 19, 2014



I assume this is something that the city council members of Buda and of Pest said in 1873.


Don’t forget the town of Óbuda, which was part of the same merger.


aontaigh also means agree


Thógamar an cathair sin ar rac is roll...(seanamhrán)


Beo fada na hochtóidi! :)


... In disapproval of yet another expensive student accommodation development


The infinitive is "aontaigh" and the first person singular of the past tense is "d'aontaigh mé". Can anyone tell me what the present tense is and if there's any waty to figure it out?


Irish doesn't have "infinitives" - you do not use aontaigh to say "to unite the city", for example.

The basic rules for conjugating a verb in the Present tense are laid out in the Tips and Notes for the Verbs: Present 1 skill.

You will also find the full conjugation on any verb in the Grammar Database at teanglann.ie


Thank you, SatharnPHL, that was really fast help.


Apologies, EDIT: "In the dictionary, one looks up a verb then not with the verbal noun, but mostly with the verb root (fréamh briathartha). This is the 2nd person singular of the imperative [...] This is a regular, suffixsless base form. A different case is the verb stem (stoc briathartha) the form to which one adds the conjugations and suffixes. " (nualéargais.ie).

Ok, I'm even more confused. Is the stem = 2nd person singular of the imperative, or is that "a different case" and if so, why does the dictionary show the former?


The root "is the 2nd person singular of the imperative".

The stem is "the form to which one adds the conjugations and suffixes." It's the part of the root that you added aíomar to to get the 3rd person plural past tense used in this exercise.


Not sure if you're precise enough there, cos the root seems to be the smallest unit, so there cannot be a "part of the root".


aontaigh is the root. The stem of aontaigh is aont.


I'm gonna have to reread your explanation tomorrow. I think it's just one of those days where my brain is confused.

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