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"I am going to drink more wine"

yay! i've finished the Spanish tree, he terminado el árbol español

and it's all gold!

i started in december or january, knowing very little Spanish, so thank you team duolingo for a great app/website and an entertaining time. most days i did 2 strengthens, and 1 new lesson.
highlights included: * the bear does not fit through the door * it is your smell * he who has bread does not have teeth * i like men * it is going to be a night to remember * i am going to eliminate them slowly * we have a victim * you can control the water
* tomorrow we have to abandon the palace * am i under arrest? and so many more, but i don't want to spoil the surprises. You could so write a great story just using sentences from duolingo :D

i know people frequently ask about other resources, so here are my main ones:

verb conjugations

  • SpanishVerbs-AShortCutToVerbSkills i'm not sure where i found this, it seems to be available from several sites.


audio course

listening practice:

my friends

but i've not used more than 2 or 3 of these at any one time, and I have written almost nothing down, except early on i wrote out lots of verb conjugations using the verb pdf listed above.

it's been a battle near the end. every day i've had to re-gold several skills before i could make any progress, while having the same battle with French at the same time. Plus i'm learning irish, whew!

i tried an online test a little while back and it gave me a high b1 :)

i'd like to do the reverse trees but to save time i might just do spanish from french, if that doesn't make my brain flee from out my ears... ;)

i have to say that finishing it on the android app was a huge anti-climax: no message, no owl, nothing at all. i'll be sure to finish the french tree on the web, in the hope of at least a little fanfare? well, anyway, it's been fun, funny, frustrating and definitely, definitely worthwhile. ¡Buena suerte! to all still working on the tree, and ¡Mil gracias Duolingo!

& now? another duo sentence: voy a beber más vino

¡chao chic@s!

3 years ago