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  5. "Ólann na cait an bainne."

"Ólann na cait an bainne."

Translation:The cats drink the milk.

October 19, 2014



Can someone explain why singular "cat" has a hard C sound but the plural "cait" almost sounds like "quit" ? Many thanks.


I don't get how you can tell that it needed the plural "cait" rather than the singular "cat"


The "t" in "cat" should have a broad pronunciation while the "t" in "cait" should have a slender pronunciation. The article "na" in the nominative case also means that the noun is plural.

The new audio is supposed to be better and should be coming soon.


I wasn't listening to it, I was reading it. I think, however, that the article may have been supplied and that the only thing in the dropdown was the noun itself, so that should have tipped me off. It was pointed out to me that had happened on a similar lesson so I'm sure that's it.

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