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Have you realized that the audio pronunciation of this Dutch is not Ok? Well, I live in Curacao (island) and I talk with Citizens from Holland every day, and their pronunciation is so very different from Duolingo´s pronunciation...What do you think about it?

E.g.: Een - The Duoling´s pronunciacion is like an long E, but a Citizen from Holland is: Een -Ein- And, I want to know where is the pronunciation of this Dutch Course? Please!!

P.D.: My apologize for my very bad English Writing!

October 19, 2014



I think that saying that the Dutch audio pronunciation is 'not OK' is a bit overstating it.
Regardless, I respect your opinion.

We have given more information about our selection of the voice here. There were no better voice programs available at the time (and there still aren't any better Dutch speech programs that Duolingo can work with at the moment...their words, not mine). :)

If you want to find a more accurate Dutch pronunciation, I would suggest looking up a voice dictionary. Forvo may be an example. You can enter the words in the search bar there, click on a play icon and you will hear how the word should be pronounced.

Good luck with your Dutch studies! (:


I didn´t meant NOT OK...Ey Sry. about it!!!!!!!! I just hear a pronunciation of a person and other pronnciation here. I thought that the Duolingo´s pronunciation was from a different place of Holland.....

My My sincere apologies for this big mistake of mine!!!


No need to apologize for anything!

The voice you hear is computer generated, which is why it may sound slightly different from the actual Dutch you hear being spoken around you.
It's not tied to any specific part of the Netherlands. :)


You know, Curaçao isn't the only place where they speak Dutch :) There are many accents and dialects. And een is only pronounced as "ein" when you're counting, it is correct in the course. (Altough there sometimes are mistakes in the TTS software, but I guess it's one of the best ones available)


He said he talks to people from Holland every day. While I'm not sure about the current status of the Dutch islands, I guess he is referring to people from continental Netherlands.


Yes Scarcerer, I mean to people from Holland, No Curacao Native. (in fact, The Curacao Native has a good Dutch Speak)

And Surinam Speakers have an excellent Dutch but their pronunciation is very very soft, If I compare both pronunciations - Holland Citizens vs Surinam Citizens.


Ja, Davidvdb, I understood which is the problem, and I´m trying to adapt my ears to Duolingo (When I speak with Holland Citizens, I prefer the Duolingo´s Pronunciation)

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