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Practicing on mobile

If I'm on one of those questions where you choose the words, I can turn my phone sideways and it becomes a question where you type the answer (I don't know the right name for the questions and I don't know how to make the images smaller):

![](http://i.imgur.com/Ou3BAwr.png =50x10)


Has this happened to anyone else too?

October 19, 2014



(Holy huge images, batman!)

And neat find!


I don't know how to make them smaller :)


Honestly, just two images would probably get your point across. Or you could add the links for others. It's not a big deal, it's just surprising and might mean people don't bother scrolling all the way down to leave you upvotes and lingots. :)

From this link you might be able to put the width or widthXheight in pixels after the url, e.g., http://myimagehere.com/image =200x


the widthXheight doesn't work. But I'll only put 4 images up.

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