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  5. "Minha chave"

"Minha chave"

Translation:My key

June 19, 2013



What is the difference between 'Minha' and 'Meu'? If minha is a possessive pronoun, shouldnt the translation be 'mine key'? Isnt the translation of 'My key' more appropriate as 'Meu chave'?


Minha and meu are both possessive pronoun/adjective. Minha is used for femine words and meu for masculine ones. Minhas and meus are their plural form.

Chave is a feminine word, so you cant say meu chave.

  • My key = minha chave.
  • This key is not mine = esta chave não é (a) minha.



Why not "a minha chave"?

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