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The progress test

I am on level ten and a 27 day streak on the Spanish tree. I just passed the past tense verbs and that's about half way. For fun, I decided to take the progress test. I got a score of 2.33/5. I'm smart enough to know that it is less than a pass, but what does that score really mean? Where would I be on a CEFR?

3 years ago



All it means is that you know 2.33/5 (ratio wise) of the content that the Duolingo course teaches :) It isn't prorated to where you are on the tree

3 years ago

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When I tried the first time the progress test, I was about at the same level as you. (2.5/5.0) I tested on an other website which level I was at the time. I got A1.

Now, I'm about at the same place as you. (I'm level 11 and at the feelings activity.) I passed the test yesterday and got 4.85/5.00. I speak french by the way. This demonstrate that knowing a language of the same family as the language you're learning is a real advantage.

3 years ago