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  5. "Você quer um chapéu?"

"Você quer um chapéu?"

Translation:Do you want a hat?

June 19, 2013



Is it sort of rude to phrase it like that? What would be the translation of: "Would you like a hat?"


In Brazil,depending on the intonation, it doesnt sound rude, but appropriate. Would you like a hat? = você gostaria de (?) um chapéu? This kind of sentence is usually used with a verb


The amount of times my mother asked me this as a child.... Of course, there wasn't really a choice.


I agree as I have said below!


I really dislike the translation of the word "quer". the word "want" is considered rude and impolite in the English language in this context. The correct way to say this in English is "would you like a hat" but this is not accepted. My concern is if a foreigner says "I want" he will not be received well. Do you think this is important?


To me, I think tone in this case is more important than the words. I agree, "Would you like a hat" is more polite, but "Do you want a hat" is perfectly fine between friends or if said nicely.

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