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Course heading-English from Dutch

I'm still puzzled by the intro for the English course from Dutch: "Ik kan Nederlands..." Either state "Ik ken Nederlands" of "Ik kan Nederlands spreken." I've tried to communicate this to Duolingo, but without success. markvanroode.

October 20, 2014



Three months later, the course intro still states "Ik kan Nederlands." Each Dutch child learns the difference between the verbs kennen en kunnen in school. Please, correct this to "Ik ken Nederlands."


Hello Mark,

I think you don't have immersion and activities any more. It's difficult to reach each other. Here is a tread were the Dutch people you know meet each other for the time being. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20339005$comment_id=20369277

Please leave a message there so that we can find you.

Frank (father of Thijn and Luuk)


Report the problem via the Support tab on the left hans side of the screen. This gets put into a database and you should recieve an email with a ticket number. You probably won't receive a personal e-mail as there are probably thousands of reports but at least you know that it is being logged.

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