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  5. "The food is good."

"The food is good."

Translation:Het eten is goed.

October 20, 2014



I don't understand when to use "het" and when to use "de" for "the". Can someone help me


You use de with the following words: Plurals Obviously feminine or masculine nouns like 'woman' (vrouw) and man get de. People are always referred to as de. Nouns ending in -tie, -thie, -sie, -aar, -eur, -er and -or

You usually use het with the following words: Diminutives: they end in -je, -tje, -etje, -pje, or -mpje. When the infinitive form of a verb is used as a noun (e.g. 'the walking of the dog'), Dutch uses het (het lopen van de hond). Words ending in -um, -aat or -isme. With the exception of nouns that refer to people (e.g. de advocaat, 'the lawyer') - people are always referred to as de. Most nouns beginning with ge-, be- and ver However, nouns which end in -ing do not follow this rule: those always end in de.


Is it ok to use 'maaltijd is goed'?


No, 'maaltijd' means meal.


tried it, didn't work ... eten is correct


I don't understand why the correct answer is eten. Doesn't eten mean eating?


Eten can be a verb to eat though it can also be used as a noun het eten which means the food.


What are the article rules for compounding? For example (coming from German here), would "avondeten" keep the article of the base word, eten? Thus, if eten is het, it would make sense that avondeten is also, or are there examples of this changing?

I know this works in German, but I was wondering it applies to Dutch as well.


So what is the different between "maaltijd" and "eten"? Because in English meal and food kind of have similar meaning...


I guess the difference between the two are as similar in dutch as they are in english. However as mentioned above, "Eten" can be a verb, or a noun (het eten).

Evidently, Duolingo does not approve of using "maaltijd" (meal) and "(het) eten" ('the' food) interchangeably, even though one can mostly replace one with the other.

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