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  5. "O Brasil está fora da rota."

"O Brasil está fora da rota."

Translation:Brazil is out of the route.

June 19, 2013



"Brazil is out of the route" isn't English, so I don't know what it's asking me to say. Does it mean "not one of the places on the route"? I assumed it meant "is off course" as in Brazil is doing something wrong. Please would someone clarify.


I tried "Brazil is off track" and it marked me wrong but suggested "Brazil is off course." I flagged my answer as correct, because "off track," like "off course," makes a lot more sense in English and should help people correctly understand the meaning of the sentence in Portuguese.


The "correct" answer doesn't make sense in English.


Brazil is outside of the route

is wrong?


try reporting.


I think it's about destinations covered or on an itinerary. It could be Brazil isn't on the itinerary.


"Brazil is out of the route" is not a good sentence in English. Do you mean "Brazil is out of the way" or "Brazil is off the beaten path" or something else? This sentence really needs to be revised. Whatever it's supposed to mean is being lost by the poor English translation.


Is "O Brasil é fora da rota" an acceptable translation? This option is currently rejected though, and possibly for good reason, that's why I ask.


It can be both.

  • O Brasil é fora da rota = Maybe an airline company has flights from Argentina to Colombia and then it never includes Brazil on its route.

  • O Brasil está fora da rota = Maybe a cruise trip on South America coast and this time the route doesnt include Brazil. Got it?


Paulenrique, this is still a bad English translation. It does not convey your meaning correctly.


Thank you Paulenrique! Great examples!


Yes. Thank you for a concrete example. Next time I come across this sentence I'll ask Duolingo to allow the version with "é".


So there're already 3 similar words given in this skill: rumo, rota, caminho. What is the difference between them? Various dictionaries translate all of them as route, way or course.


"Brazil is off the route" meaning you don't go to Brazil, would be better Engish


I just realized that when I went to report this, the option said, "My answer should not be accepted." Editor, please double check the options.


I actually use that option whenever I have no choice but to give an answer that is incorrect or awkward in English, but it's the only one the system will accept and we still have to complete the exercise!


'Brazil is out of the way' is better English. No way of reporting this. One of the multiple choices should be "The translation is unnatural or not proper English"

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