"Hvad laver min mand derude?"

Translation:What is my husband doing out there?

October 20, 2014

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How would you say "What is my husband making out there?"


I think in the same way. Several European languages have a single verb to do/make (such as the French 'faire' and German 'machen').


In german at least there are two verbs “tun“ and “machen“. But machen is more common and sometimes both are correct. Do this ! = Tu das/Mach das. Its than more about style.


Not sure about that but I think you could also say, "Hvad gør min mand derude?" for this one.


Make the sauce thicker: Gør sovsen tykkere

In this sentence English uses "make", and danish uses gøre (do) for the same concept.

I am doing my homework Jeg laver lektier

Here its the other way around.

Conclusion: there is no difference between the two concepts at all!!!


Derude - Sandstorm… I get it now. Haha. It's Danish. (Not really).

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