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"Níl an deis agam é a fhéachaint."

Translation:I do not have the opportunity to see it.

October 20, 2014



I don't have the chance to see it?


I keep getting rejected for "chance" as well.


To watch it or to see it (a fheiceáil) - because in English we would definitely distinguish between when you can use those two verbs?


It’s “to see it”. “To watch it” in this sentence would be é a fhaire.


When would one use "féach" over "feic" to translate "see" from English to Irish?


féach is "look", feic is "see".

féach can be used in places where "look" and "see" can overlap in English.

Féach an chéad leathanach eile - "see the next page" (you might say "look at")
Féach an oireann sé duit - "see whether it suits you" (you might say "look at whether that suits you")
Féach an stiúir atá ar a hata aige - "see how he has his hat cocked" (look at how ...)

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