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  5. "A haon, a dó."

"A haon, a dó."

Translation:One, two.

October 20, 2014



And for the Irish version: "A haon, a dó, muc is bó"


I read these and I keep on wanting to translate them as "a one, a two" (a one two three four) as if counting off music.


I was thinking about the "how many licks" advert. A-one, a-two, a-thrrrrreeeee!


Hi, I just wanted to post a general comment about the "Numbers" explanation text. -In the chart for irregular forms, the English meaning of "troigh, troithe" is given as "inch," but doesn't it mean "foot"? -In the section about nonhuman conjunctive numbers, one of the words used in the example sentences is "buachaill." But shouldn't that be treated under "human conjunctive"? Thanks!


The human conjunctives reach up to 12 after which you would use "nonhuman" or rather general conjunctives.

The "inch" issue appears to have been corrected.

Quote: Note that duine in 1 and 11 is not lenited. For all other numbers of people you use the general conjunctive numbers as before (for example, trí dhuine dhéag thirteen people).


Funny that a h-aon is treated as a mistype! Old-fashioned, maybe, but not wrong!


A h-aon is accepted (12 Aibreán 2019)

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