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"Ghlan mo mháthair an teach ó bhun go barr."

Translation:My mother cleaned the house from bottom to top.

October 20, 2014



I remember that the name of one of my primary school Irish books was 'Bun go Barr'. I never knew what it meant until I was in my twenties.


Seems like a good name for a bar!


Hah, 'Bun go Beár'. It would confuse Irish people into thinking it was bear-themed.


HA . . The very early ones were essentially colouring books.


I remember bun go barr... Worst book ever to be honest


I'll take your word for it. In 6th class we opened it once and that was Irish class done for the entire year.


It is not a practical way of cleaning but mom knows best


lol, very impractical, floors should be the last thing done


Is it a regular thing in Irish to say it this way? In English I'm used to "top to bottom" rather than"bottom to top. "

[deactivated user]

    Yes, but Duolingo accepts "top to bottom" as a translation.


    Thanks, Moloughl, sometimes DL is very literal, so I didn't do it, but will next time.


    Bun go barr is definitely the standard Irish phrase though


    I've heard both, though "top to bottom" is more common.


    Can someone tell me what makes this bhun? I struggle with this one every time it comes up.

    [deactivated user]

      The preposition ó causes lenition so you get ó bhun.


      M'athair = my father

      Mo mháthair = my mother


      Should be m'athair!


      Can someone confirm that it's cleaned and not cleans in the audio? The gh doesn't sound as if it is a fricative to me. If, on the other hand, Glanann was said I cannot be sure of picking up the final ann.


      She is saying ghlan. You can hear the difference with glanann in Glanann na cailíní an sciorta and Glanann an ghallúnach na plátaí.

      If you want to highlight words in your comments, please don't use blue, which, by convention, indicates a hyperlink.


      Thanks for the confirmation. The gh in ghallúnach is very clear to me unlike, alas, the one in this exercise. I'll have to live with it.

      I note your request regarding typeface color.

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