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English translation of Tacchino

Hi all,

It alarms me that there are two English translations of "tacchino" listed on Duolingo.

1) Turkey 2) "Gobbler"

Gobbler is not a word, and if somebody for whom English is a 2nd language tried to use this word, they would be met with blank expressions.

Surely this should be removed?

June 19, 2013



Gobbler is a word, slang maybe but in America it's a word.


Yes, like Quazar said, it's definitely a word, if perhaps slang.


Well I can certainly vouch that if you used that word here in England people would think you were talking about something VERY different!



Correct todd and it can be meant that way in America too. But we also do refer to a Turkey as a Gobbler because they gobble. I am sure you have heard of a cow being referred to as a heifer, I believe it means a young female cow or something. My point is that here in America when we use the word Heifer most commonly people dont use this word in reference to a cow anymore but something else entirely. They are words.

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