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Suggestion: Decrease the number of redundant sentences in a practice.

Firstly, I love Duolingo and I'm having a lot of fun learning Spanish, so thank you to all involved in the site.

Whenever I use the practice feature, I tend to get several problems in succession all featuring the same sentence. For example, I would get "Say 'Buenos días' aloud", followed by "Translate 'Buenos días' to English", followed by "Translate 'Good morning' to Spanish", followed by "Choose any/all of the correct translations of 'Buenos Días'". I understand that the idea is to really hammer home certain words/phrases/structures, but I find myself just mindlessly answering the question for a third or fourth time and desperately wanting some new material to practice. Having to start another practice session just so I can see some new words is frustrating and time consuming.

So, just a suggestion for an otherwise excellent product, could you please introduce more variety in each individual practice session?

June 19, 2013



We are adding more variety to the lessons that have redundancy. We're always making updates! What other lessons do you find particularly redundant?


Wow, thanks for the prompt reply. It's awesome that you are keeping track of these suggestions so diligently.

'Buenos días' was just an example I made up to get my point across. I don't recall if that particular lesson was redundant or not. It's more about the way the program constructs practices, where one twenty problem set might have six or more problems featuring the same two sentences. This is probably beneficial during lessons where you are encountering material for the first time, because repetition helps to reinforce these new ideas. But I'd hoped that the "practice all skills" feature would take a more diversified approach, touching on a larger variety of skills.


I've had this problem a lot as well. Repetition is good, but it needs to be interspersed with different material, otherwise the repeated phrase won't get into my long-term memory and I'll have forgotten it the very next day.


I agree with this so much! I love the program and understand you find it important to have a person making the sentences, not a computer..

But for some sentences, I feel like I learnt the sentence and not the words/grammar it's supposed to test..? One (I think) easy way to fix it is to say, eg. some sentences with "the horse" can also be replaced with "the bear", "the cat" or another animal. We would still get similar sentences, but I think it might be an easy way to add a little variety :)


All these posts are just about what I wanted to mention. The variety would not only be for interest but to keep us on our toes: how do we decline the other animals etc. One of the number sections was mainly numbers:one, two three eight eg. whereas it might have been a good opportunity to reinforce some other areas:vocab, comes to mind while repeating the numbers. And how about making the mulitply questions alittle more challenging. Die ersten drei haben Bücher. comes with choices: the first three have horses, the first three have dogs and finally the first three have books. One question; is there any 'bonus' for completing a section with all three hearts etc. (Not that I have ever done it, but there's hope) Happy birthday or as we say in my country: till you're white haired and wise. Thank you for helping us become wiser.

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I used to get this if I made a mistake -- the word I got wrong would be repeated unremittingly for the rest of the session, usually just using the same one or two sentences. I reported it a couple of times and haven't noticed it happening lately, so maybe it had a different cause to your problem... the symptoms were definitely the same, though.

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